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Her research in the Netherlands found that case officers expected gay asylum-seekers from conservative Muslim countries to conform to a preconceived personal narrative.

It is hard to know the scale of the problem, as most countries do not provide data on the grounds for asylum claims. Such cases are inevitably hard. No test can reliably tell whether someone who claims to be gay is telling the truth. A mistake could be fatal: To make matters trickier, LGBT asylum-seekers are often reluctant to go into details about their intimate lives. Many do not bring up their sexual orientation during initial interviews, hoping to secure asylum on other grounds, and only mention it as a last resort. Some might best be able to do so by describing their internal struggle, but others might instead prefer to discuss participation in underground LGBT groups or instances of persecution for their sexuality.

Sweden, unlike Austria, requires an expert in LGBT issues to be present when a gay asylum-seeker is questioned. Some fear that gay people will find it harder to win asylum in the future as political pressure grows to accept fewer refugees.

Homosexuality in medieval Europe

Ms Huber suspects that in Austria, where the government has vowed to reduce immigration, some of the questions in interviews are designed to trip people up. She cites the story of an Iranian man who was asked if he knew what the orange stripe in the rainbow flag means.

It stands for healing, though it is possible that not every gay Iranian man knows this. Join them. Kochetkov said. In the latest roundup, he said, several male detainees have reported being sexually assaulted with police nightsticks, something that had not been widespread after the arrests.

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Sexual behaviour of gay and bisexual men in eight European countries.

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After Anti-Gay Crackdown in Chechnya, a Witness Steps Forward

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History of gay men in the United States - Wikipedia

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British gay man held in Morocco for 'homosexual acts' freed

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